6 Cruelty-free Nappies

Cruelty-free nappies

I focus a lot on beauty and I haven’t covered baby products apart from the ones that can also be used for adults. Recently I have been in contact with new mums and mums-to-be. I have been noticing that Pampers is their go-to nappies. They told me it’s the best there is. I was wondering whether it really is or whether their marketing campaigns are what makes it the best. It did pass through my mind to do some research on cruelty-free nappies, as I did not want to support Pampers. However, I planned to search when I am expecting, as right now is too early.

Some weeks before I was asked which nappy brands are cruelty-free. I remembered one that seemed to be cruelty-free, then I started asking around as I am not aware of what other brands are in Malta. I managed to find the following brands and decided to list them in a blog post so that I don’t lose the information when I come to need it.

Disposable Nappy Brands

Reusable Nappy Brands

No, unfortunately, Pampers is not cruelty-free in my books, sorry. I am not a fan of the reusable ones as I am not keen on cleaning a stinky nappy. Instead, I prefer to hold my breath for one second, fold the nappy and toss it away. However, if you have no problem in carrying and cleaning stinky nappies, I listed the reusable ones just in case.

I am still new to this topic, which cruelty-free nappies have I missed?

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