Is Sisley cruelty-free?

Is Sisley cruelty-free?

Today I will be investigating a fashion brand that offers also cosmetics. A tip I would give you is to stay away from beauty brands owned by fashion brands as they are most of the time not cruelty-free. There are rare cases when it is not the case but most of the time they are not cruelty-free. The beauty brand which I will be investigating the cruelty-free status for today is Sisley.

Does Sisley test on animals?

  • “We can confirm that Sisley does not test its products on animals.”
    I did not find any information on whether they or their suppliers test ingredients on animals. Only whether they test on animals. It seems that Sisley do not test products on animals. Let’s check further whether they are cruelty-free.

Is Sisley owned by a parent that is not cruelty-free?

It seems that cosmetics brand Sisley has no parent company.

Is Sisley certified cruelty-free?

No Sisley is not certified cruelty-free.

Is Sisley cruelty-free?

We only know whether they test products on animals up until now. The answer on whether they are cruelty-free depends on whether they sell cosmetics in Mainland China.

Does Sisley sell in Mainland China?

I could find a link to their mainland China website on Sisley’s official website. The China website has company registration details on the footer which proves that they are based also in China and selling product inside Mainland China. So yes Sisley sells in Mainland China.

Are Sisley products in Mainland China are cosmetics?

Yes, Sisley sell cosmetics in Mainland China. Skincare and makeup products are considered to be cosmetics in Mainland China, so they are at risk of being tested on animals by the Chinese authorities. So this means that Sisley is not cruelty-free.

Which brands should I support instead?

If you are looking for a brand who is serious about its anti-animal-testing policy. Check my list of brands that are against animal testing.

Source: Sisley Animal Testing Policy and Sisley’s Official Mainland China Website as at 5.4.2020 


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