3 Vegan-friendly Bakeries in Offenburg, Germany

Vegan Bakeries in Offenburg, Germany

When I moved to Germany, I realised how common it is to find a bakery. Nearly every street in Offenburg seems to have at least one bakery. German bakeries are kind of a bakery and a coffee place at the same time. You don’t just find bread that you can fill at home. In German bakeries, you also find filled bread, baked snacks and sweets, and even drinks which you can consume at the bakery when seating is offered.

Some bread products to take and fill at home are vegan. However, it was not easy for me to find something to vegan-friendly consume at the bakeries in Offenburg, until a few years ago. Slowly, slowly I started finding bakery franchises that offered vegan options, and today I will be listing them.


A few years ago BackWerk when I was walking in Offenburg centre, I found a sign at Backwerk advertising new vegan options. It then became my default bakery. Whenever my husband and I agreed to take breakfast at a bakery in the city, we went only to Backwerk. As we were sure I would find something for me.


Since it’s a local Ortenau bakery, you find a Dreher bakery in every corner of Offenburg. You also find a Dreher bakery at one of the home improvement stores that we buy from. It is not the first time that my husband grabbed a snack from Dreher whenever we visited the home improvement store. Recently I was happy to discover that Dreher started offering vegan options at their Rée Carré Offenburg bakery. I don’t know if they will have them in their other stores but that will depend on us I think. The more we order from their vegan options from Dreher, the more Dreher becomes confident in rolling out their vegan options in most of their bakeries.

K&U Bäckerei

There were times when we used to go to Edeka and my husband starts to feel hungry as it would be close to lunchtime. So he stops at K&Z Bäckerei and orders a coffee and a snack. Many times, I check their counter to see if I find something which looks or is marked vegan. Once I couldn’t believe my eyes, there was a vegan product and I could join my husband for a snack. I even ordered their vegan prefilled bread the evening before the wedding, to have something to brunch on the wedding day while we were getting ourselves ready.

Till now I only found these 3 bakery franchises as vegan-friendly in Offenburg. I hope we manage to convince Dreher to keep offering vegan options, and I also hope that the other bakeries in Offenburg which are not listed, will start to offer vegan options to snack at their bakeries soon.

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