#MeatFreeMonday | What happened at the September 2016 Veggie Meetup

September 2016 Veggie Meetup

The last time I’ve visited Malta after my move to Germany, was about 2 months ago. I have booked a week long visit as the previous long weekend visit wasn’t enough to meet up friends and family, and run some cruelty-free errands. A week long visit was still not enough as I still didn’t have time to do everything I planned.

However I did manage to fit another vegan meetup and it was a success as the previous one. As usual, I published a poll where you could choose your preferred venue for the next meetup. The most popular venue in this poll was Juuls Kitchen in St Julians. I know that after Summer, Juuls tend to close and take a break till the next one. So I checked with Juuls Kitchen to see if it is possible to do a meetup during my visit.

Juuls Kitchen created a yummy animal-free taster menu just for us.

The Raw Kale Salad was the first dish. Whenever I created something with kale, I never liked it. However how this dish was mixed and seasoned gave it a pleasing taste and texture.

Raw kale salad

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The second dish was the Roasted Pumpkin and Cinnamon Salad. Even this was an interesting salad. It contained also apples which gave the salad a sweet taste. I don’t usually look for salads when I eat out as I wouldn’t know whether they will be plain or delicious. However next time I visit Juuls Kitchen I would consider ordering one.

Roasted cinnamon pumpkin salad

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Then we were served the more filling dishes. First we were served the Black-bean Burger Patties.

Black-bean burger patties

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Then the Falafel with Hummus, Quinoa Tabbouleh and Dips Pita Bread. That’s where I my stomach said “no more”, as it was already full of food and trying to leave space for dessert.

Falafel with hummus, quinoa tabbouleh, dips pita bread

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Dessert arrived. We were served Raw Fudge Brownies. Yummy! I really love chocolate <3

Raw fudge brownie as dessert

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All the dishes were surprisingly delicious. Pity that my stomach is small as I would have loved to have eaten more. <3

We needed to order the drinks extra. Which made sense as everyone have different preference of drinks. Some like juices, some like smoothies, other want something more “normal”. The day before I woke up with a mild cold, and so I ordered an Immune Booster Juice. I thought that this juice will help in fighting the cold and it seems that it did.

Thank you Juuls Kitchen for this delicious taster menu. I hope we will see you again next Summer for another meetup or even for a random lunch!

I am now planning a meetup at the end of this month, but since I like to have each meetup different, I would need your help in voting or suggesting another vegan-friendly venue in the poll below. Also use the comments section or for any other suggestions for the next meetups. 😀

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