Handmade Naturals Face Creams Review

Handmade Naturals Face Creams

I think I haven’t written a beauty review post in a while. Let me start again by reviewing one of my longtime favourite face creams. I have started using Handmade Naturals Face Creams since the start of my cruelty-free journey. If I tried another cruelty-free face cream brand in between, I always went back to Handmade Naturals.

Till now I have tried 4 of the Handmade Naturals Face Creams that is why I am not writing about specifically one of them. First I started with the Handmade Naturals Sensitive Face Cream as my face used to get itchy. Then Handmade Naturals had the Balancing Face Cream at half price so I thought of trying it as it seems similar to the sensitive but with essential oils. I loved both of them.

Later, the Handmade Naturals Ultra Light Face Cream was on offer too so I bought it. It should have been good since my skin is oily in Summer. However, I think I prefer the Balancing and the Sensitive face creams more.

Recently, I have bought the Handmade Naturals Super Hydrating Face Cream, this time at full price. I don’t mind spending more when I believe in a product. The reason why I have bought a hydrating one this time is for my German Winters where my skin becomes so dry that I start worrying that I will soon start having wrinkles. I will let you know after next Winter how I have found this one.

Why I like the Handmade Naturals Face Creams

  • They are not only cruelty-free but also natural
    Six years ago I have not only started a cruelty-free lifestyle but also tried as much as I could to buy natural. I do have a mix of natural and synthetic products in my collection. However, whenever I can I switch to all natural. It’s not easy also cause many products claim to be natural when only a tiny percent of the ingredients mentioned are really natural. Handmade Naturals are my ideal example of natural products. Take a look at their list of ingredients. It is very short and while reading it, you can understand what’s inside.
  • They are also vegan
    Handmade Naturals have recently announced that their products are all vegan except for their lip balms. This is a plus for me as I can keep on using them when I manage to start a fully vegan lifestyle. Also, I find many times that vegan products are not natural. Like you find a vegan-friendly mascara with synthetic beeswax. With Handmade Naturals, it doesn’t seem to be like that. They kept using all natural and plant based ingredients.
  • My face feels soft, not too oily and not too itchy
    With other face creams that I have tried, my face used to react and get itchy. Also, other face creams used to leave my face so oily that it causes the itchiness.
  • They come in a pump airless dispenser
    This is a great feature for hygienic purposes. This way cream in the dispenser lasts longer. Also, the cream doesn’t get contamination by air or any dirty fingers.
  • They are not very expensive
    They cost less than €20, at least for this year. Every year the price of products change depending on availability of the ingredients used. I admit that the price is also not low especially when I find other brands that claim to be “natural” at lower prices and even since right now I have no permanent job. However, there are brands which also claim to be “natural” (and promise you to get rich when you recruit your friends to their scheme) and cost double or triple the price of Handmade Naturals. So considering the features I have previously mentioned, I think the price is just right.

What I don’t like about the Handmade Naturals Face Creams

  • The type of pump dispenser
    I like to use a product till the last drop. I can’t seem to find a way to open the pump dispenser to make sure that I have used till the last drop.

This review became longer than I thought it would be. It seems that for every year I have used this product, I have written 100 words. I hope you will find this review useful, and if I have convinced you to try Handmade Naturals, please do let me know whether you like them or found any problems with them.

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