3 Vegan Breakfast Options in St Julians

Vegan Breakfast Options in St Julians

Although I have listed some hotels that cater to vegans, I cannot be sure whether they really do. The list of hotels was built on suggestions made by others and not from my own experience. Therefore, I thought of listing some outlets that offer vegan breakfast options in St Julians.

This list should be helpful for both tourists staying in St Julians who are not impressed by the availability of vegan options in the hotel they are staying at and also Malta residents who decided to eat out for breakfast or brunch.


The only time I visited Crust, I ordered an item from their breakfast section.

Health Hub

If you are like me, either not good at cooking your own pancakes or happen to have no stick pans, Health Hub has a solution. It seems that their vegan pancakes are also gluten-free.


TukTuk has a vegan option or more in nearly every food category that they offer. This includes their breakfast section. Unfortunately, for now, their breakfast options are only available on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am. However, if you are following this list to try a different vegan breakfast option every time, you can always leave Tuk Tuk for the weekend.

Do you know of other vegan breakfast options in St Julians? In these lists, I am listing eateries that offer specifically food for vegans and not random outlets that have options that look vegan.

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