Glass packaged products from Ere Perez

Ere Perez glass-packaged beauty products

When I was planning to organise my wedding in Malta, I started my search for cruelty-free and if possible vegan makeup services. We then moved the wedding location to Germany. So I ended up trying one vegan-friendly makeup artist. The first and only vegan makeup service I have tried was at Melita Health and Beauty. That day I have discovered Ere Perez and have been following their posts since then.

As I do with other brands, today I was going to post a vegan list for Ere Perez. However, all of Ere Perez products except for their almond mascara are vegan. It seems that mascaras have to contain beeswax and since they are a natural brand, they can’t replace it with synthetic beeswax.

So instead of a vegan list, I decided to start a new series with this brand. My aim for this year was to reduce plastic consumption even for beauty products. However, unless it’s a soap bar, it’s many times hard to find beauty products plastic-free packaging. So I have decided to start a kind of zero waste series. In this series, I will list products from each cruelty-free brand that are packaged in other materials or are packaged in as little plastic as possible.

Ere Perez packages the following products in glass containers. Although in the title I said glass packaged, the lid of these products might still be made from plastic.

  • Arnica Concealer
  • Australian blue cypress face nectar
  • Beetroot lip and cheek tint
  • Carrot colour pots
  • Cranberry lip and eye butter
  • Herbal face tonic
  • Mango Honey Lipgloss
  • Quandong Green booster serum
  • Quinoa water foundation
  • Vanilla Highlighter

It would be nice if the whole packaging was plastic-free. However, we have to start somewhere and eventually arrive at a plastic-free packaging.

To know more information on these products, please check the Ere Perez Malta facebook page.

For which brand should I list a plastic-free list next?

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