Winter 2019 Cruelty-free Kit Unboxing

Winter 2019 cruelty-free kit

Before Christmas arrived, I made sure to get all of the kits delivered. After the last kit was delivered the holidays started and did not have time to write the unboxing post. Now that I am alone and quiet at home, I am taking the opportunity to write the Winter 2019 cruelty-free kit unboxing post. Sorry for being late!

Bema Baby products (2 sachets)

For 2020 I am planning to launch a cruelty-free kit for mums and babies. I don’t have any babies of my own yet but I am surrounded with people who do have babies, and with our wedding around the corner, I am already starting to filter in my head what and what not to buy or use for when I have my own. Same as it was in the beauty world, the baby world is loaded with toxic products and brands that support animal testing. So my aim for this year is to create a kit to help mums-to-be to choose kinder (both for baby and animals) products. As a teaser, for the Winter 2019 kit, I added 2 sachets from Bema.

You might say, “Ok but I don’t have babies so what I do with these sachets?” I believe that since baby products are supposed to be developed for delicate skin, what is good for babies is good for adults. So you can keep these sachets for your next hotel visit if you are like me and don’t trust the hotel soap brand.

  Debbie’s Baby Centre 

Casmara skincare products (3 sachets)

Each kit contains different sachets of Casmara products. Casmara is a natural brand which I have discovered recently. It’s exclusively sold in selective beauty salons. In my blog, you should find a list of Casmara salons and spas.

  Casmara Cosmetics – Malta            @casmara_malta

Catrice Cosmetics (full-size)

Each kit has a different makeup product from Catrice’s Winter 2019 collection. I chose the item depending on the list of prefered makeup you specified in the beauty profile. If you ticked that you wanted vegan, I made sure a vegan Catrice makeup product was added in your kit.


Crazy Rumors Candy Cane Lip Balm (vegan, full-size)

“A Festive Fusion for your lips! Here’s a twist on the Classic Peppermint Stick. Candy Cane Lip Balms adorned with a mixture of fabulous Holiday fruits a gala of nature’s goodies.”

Since it’s a winter kit, I wanted to make it Christmas themed. So apart from adding a Catrice/Essence glittery nail polish for your Christmas parties, I added a candy cane flavoured, organic, natural and vegan lip balm.

  Blends of Nature.

Essence Cosmetics (full-size)

Same as Catrice each kit had a different makeup product from Essence. This depends on what makeup products you ticked on the beauty profile. If you ticked that you wanted vegan products, I made sure that you were given a vegan Essence Cosmetics product.


Love The Planet White Washable Cleansing Pads (vegan, full-size)

“The environmentally friendly alternative to cotton wool. Simply use with cleanser in place of cotton wool pads or wipes to remove makeup. Place in a wash bag, wash in the machine and hey presto, they’re ready to use again and again!”

If you ware wondering what the round cotton pad was for, it’s a reusable cotton pad. It’s ideal for removing makeup or in my case to wash off extra sebum from the face, or even some use it to wipe their babies. However, I would not recommend to use it for removing nail polish as it will be hard, close to impossible, to remove nail polish residue from it.

  Blends of Nature.

These were all the products you could find in the last kit for 2019. For this year, I am planning to do some changes. For instance, it will be a one-time starter kit and maybe higher price, resulting in more products. However, I am thinking of setting it up when I visit Malta next. Since it’s not finalized, there is more space for customisation, so I would appreciate any suggestions that you might have for the 2020 version.

I would like to conclude this post by thanking the cruelty-free brands who collaborated for this kit and also the people who invested in such kit. Thank you for your continuous support. I created this kit to help both you the brand and you the consumer, so if you have any ideas or improvements do not hesitate to forward them to me. Thank you again.


(a.k.a. Fiona Henschel) Malta-born blogger. I have been blogging during these last 6 years on my cruelty-free lifestyle including recipes, beauty and makeup products that I discover, receive, buy and try.