Cruelty-free makeup Spring 2014 Favourites

I am sometimes not sure whether I should call myself a blogger since there is nearly always a long time gap between one blog post and the other. These last two months have kept me occupied with other commitments being a new job, a new love, and try to raise more awareness at events and with politicians.

So back to the scope of this post. After realising that month after month I am sticking to the same 6 products, I asked myself why not write a post about these frequently used products, it might help anyone who is thinking of buying them but not yet convinced enough to do so.

Starting from the favourite and ending with the most favourite, here’s my list:

1. Catrice Prime And Fine Anti-Red Base (€?)
Soon after I attended the Catrice PR event I was invited to, I replaced my previous primer with this one. Having an acne-prone skin, redness is very common on my face and since it has a slight green tint, I found this product good to help me neutralise my skin colour. However I haven’t listed it as a most favourite for two reasons. One small reason is that I don’t like that it has shimmer but I can live with it, and the other reason is the coverage. Although my skin is acne-prone, acne is no longer as common as it was before so this product is ok for my current redness. This happened since the time I have started using the Weleda’s Aknedoron range, so most probably it’s thanks to these products that my acne-frequency decreased. Going back to the primer, since I don’t have much acne anymore, but just some redness, I can’t know whether it gives a good coverage when the face gets too red with acne. Seeing the consistency being slightly green, I don’t think it is but I might be wrong!

2. Essence Pure Skin Natural Cover Moisturiser (€?)
Martina from the All Things Fabulous blog suggested this product to me when I once told her that my skin is too oily. However, she warned me that it dries most skin types. Being fed up of having an oily face I thought of trying it out, so I got it from Makeup by Dyna‘s blog sale. First few weeks I wasn’t impressed as I expected it to dry my skin, but then I contented myself with the thought that it’s just balancing my oil production. There is not much difference in colour between the light to medium and the medium to dark shades as both shades blend well with my light to medium skin.

3. e.l.f. Studio Bronzer in Golden Bronze (€4.87)
Since I will soon start travelling regularly, I see this product as a 3 in 1 palette. I first use the bottom right colour for contouring, then the top two colours as blush when I need warm toned make up, and the bottom left colour as highlight. Then whenever I need a cool toned make up, I replace the blush with the Catrice Multi Colour Blush in Strawberry Frappucino. I also got this item also from Dyna’s blog sale.

4. PUPA Milano PUPALASH Mascara Energizer (€14.59)
This product has been on my mind for more than 2 years but now I convinced myself to buy it. What convinced me to buy this product is that after 30 days the growth rate of the lashes increases by 2.5 so I thought of giving it a try. One drawback of this product is that unlike other Pupa Milano mascaras, this mascara is less smudge-proof. I use this mascara daily for the growth reason.

5. PUPA Milano Navy Chic VAMP! COMPACT EYESHADOW PALETTE in 002 (€16.90)
Similar to what I mentioned in the e.l.f. bronzer, I see this product as a multi-use palette. I call it a day or night palette. With this palette you can create a day look with the use of the brown shades and a night look with the use of the blues. I have also tried to mix the browns with the blues and they blended well as brown thread blends well with blue jeans.

This nail polish lasts longer than the other Pupa Milano nail polishes. Being an ex-nail-biter, I still have the habit to put my fingernails between my top and bottom teeth. This usually makes any nail polish chip quickly. However with the Lasting Color Gel nail polish, the nail polish lasted some days more. Until I find a more affordable brand for nail polishes, with similar or better quality, Pupa Milano’s nail polishes are the ones that I will be repurchasing. What I like about Pupa Milano nail polishes is that they are pigmented and quick dry. However unlike other nail polishes that quick dry not only on your nails but also inside the bottle once you open them, Pupa Milano’s nail polish quick dries ONLY on nails.

And below is what happens when you mix all the above products together….

I have never done a favourites blog post before, so I would appreciate any suggestions on how to improve these kind of posts.

DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t paid or asked to do this review. In my reviews, even when items are given to me for free, I always list all pros and cons that I find no matter how close the company is to my heart. I confirm this unless stated otherwise on my review.


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