#MeatFreeMonday | Juice Master’s Puréed Pea & Mint Risotto

As you might have noticed I was posting a food post every Monday for #MeatFreeMonday, but last Monday I missed it. The reason being that I slowed down my pace in cooking since I have been trying out 2 of Jason Vale’s, aka the Juice Master, juice diets or if you prefer we can call them a cleanse. 😉

If you are following me on Instagram or facebook, you have seen that I first tried his 3 Day Super Juice Detox from his book Keeping it Simple. With this cleanse, I only lost a kilogram. I started with 55.8kg weight and ended with 54.8kg. I know that 55kg is not overweight, but I wish to have the same weight I had about 2 years ago, that of 50 or 51 kg.

3 days juicing are kind of too much for me, maybe since I am new to juicing, so when I discovered that Jason Vale had recently launched a new juice cleanse where juicing days were not more than 2, I thought of giving it a try.

This new cleanse is called the 5:2 diet and its available as an app in Android’s Play Store / Apple App Store or as a hardcopy or kindle version called Jason Vale’s 5:2 Juice DietThe 5:2 diet existed before Jason Vale launched his book, it originally consist of 2 low calorie days not exceeding 500 calories (2,100 kJ) and 5 days where you can eat what you like.

Jason Vale tweaked it into 2 low calorie juicing days, 3 low calorie which he calls “Low H.I. (human intervention)” days, and 2 days where you can eat what you like. The app/book provides a plan of 4 juices per day for 4 weeks for the 2 juicing days, it also provides 10 food recipes which you can try during the Low H.I. days categorised into Vegan, Vegetarian and Pescetarian.

Last week I’ve started my Low H.I. days with the Juice Master’s Puréed Pea & Mint Risotto. However I tweaked it a bit, and omitted the Parmesan as it’s not a vegetarian cheese. I’ve just put a slight amount of vegetarian emmenthal cheese when serving, just for a slight cheesy taste.

From these 10 Low H.I. recipes, only 5 of them attracted me, mostly because I am not a salad fan. 2 recipes out of these 5 that I planned to do are pescetarian, yes I still eat fish maximum once a week, and I am not proud it 🙁

To try to reduce my contribution towards fish cruelty, I recently decided to still try out 1 or more of those 5 recipes that didn’t attract me. Since it’s more the texture of the vegetables might irritate me and not the taste, I am planning to blend them into soups.

Just to give you an idea on whether this cleanse is effective. I am leaving the 2 non diet days for the weekend. So Saturday morning, my weight was 52.8kg but this morning, as soon as I woke up my weight was 54.2kg. Will see how it develops till next week.


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