#MeatFreeMonday | Mouthwatering Vegan Cookbook Review

Mouthwatering Vegan - Miriam Sorrell

Good afternoon, it’s #MeatFreeMonday again! 🙂 I was going to share another Mouthwatering Vegan recipe this week. However since I am afraid that you might be already thinking that these posts are sponsored, I decided to explain why all the fuss. I swear that I am not getting a cent from the people behind this cookbook, if I was, I would be reviewing their new cookbook called Yasou. However I still need to buy Yasou.

I currently own two vegan cookbooks, I’ve tried some recipes from the first one I bought, which was a book suggested by a friend, however most of the recipes that I’ve tried didn’t taste as good as I hoped. So I started being careful before I buy my next vegan cookbook.

After some time, some vegan friends were telling me that I should buy and try recipes from the Mouthwatering Vegan recipe book by Miriam Sorrell. However after kind of “once bitten” and since for some vegans it seems that every vegan dish including a plain salad or tofu is tasty while for me it isn’t, I wasn’t ready to spend around €25 for a recipe book which might end up being another disappointment.

Luckily, Mouthwatering Vegan shared some of her book recipes plus some which aren’t in the book on her blog. So I started doing some recipes from her blog to evaluate whether I should have a printed version of her recipes. Each recipe I’ve tried was tasty, so in the end I did order the book, and I am not sorry or disappointed for doing so.

The book is very helpful for anyone who’s starting a meat-free lifestyle, it doesn’t only have recipes, a small section of this book is a list of default ingredients which you should have in your kitchen and which will be used in the recipes. Some of these ingredients have a description even a suggestion for an alternative ingredient just in case you don’t have the ingredient or the ingredient is not found in your area.

Miriam has also included a small section with recipes, which I still have to try out, for vegan mylk, cheese, mayo and cream. Very helpful for when these ingredients are also not easily found in your area, and most probably creating them yourself costs less than the commercial vegan “dairy”.

One last thing, the pages are thick and glossy which makes it ideal for when you accidentally spill liquids while cooking.

So right now the Mouthwatering Vegan recipe book is my current most favourite vegan cookbook. 😀

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What do you think of Mouthwatering Vegan’s recipes? Is there another meat-free recipe book, you would suggest me to try out?

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