List of cruelty-free online shops in Malta

Cruelty-free Online Shops in Malta

We are at war! It sometimes feels like we are in one. However, unlike war, we have no bombing of buildings and don’t have to live in a small, claustrophobic, plain underground shelter with limited supplies. Not yet at least. Every week or nearly every day, we hear of new regulations set up by the authorities to contain and eventually free the country from this famous COVID-19. Supermarkets are still open to the public. However, I think it won’t be long until that is also limited. To help you survive this quarantine and still manage to live cruelty-free, I thought of listing the few cruelty-free online shops in Malta.

During this difficult time, I urge you to support local businesses. Not only because everyone is saying it but also if you think about it if you had to buy from foreign websites right now, the product might take ages to arrive. When buying from Maltese online shops, it can only take minimum a few hours, maximum a week for your order to arrive.

These are the cruelty-free online shops in Malta I could think of or discover:

If you know of others please let me know. I tried to limit it to businesses that actually have an online shop.

  • For those cruelty-free companies that are offering “online shopping” by means of a phone call or message, I have set up a multi-vendor shop. Since my main aim of setting up such a shop is to help cruelty-free businesses in Malta, I will not be charging set up fees or any other fees they usually charge in such platforms. The only form of payment I am asking is a small commission on the sales, just to cover the running costs. So if you are one of them please contact me.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored or pr post. One of the links is an affiliate link.


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