FREE DELIVERY on Selected Products ๐Ÿšš๐Ÿ“ฆ

I have always had the idea that one day I built a multi-vendor shop and bring most or all cruelty-free brands in one place. At the beginning of, I had an e-shop. However, online shopping was still new at the time, so eventually, I stopped it as it came with lots of expenses and not enough “revenue” to cover them. Although it did not work at the time, every year I had the wish to get the online shop back. However, I always told myself that now is not the right time.

With the issue of the Coronavirus aka COVID-19, I asked myself maybe now is the right time? I was seeing many brands offering orders by phone, email or Facebook messaging and it did not feel right to me:

  1. for me as a customer going through either a list with just product name and price, or a Facebook gallery of products with maybe no search option, is not practical,
  2. since it’s all by call or messaging, some companies might opt for cash on delivery while authorities are recommending us to reduce physical contact.

So I started working on this multi-vendor shop. It’s like an online department store as you can buy from different companies but having to check out only once.

Benefits for Vendors

  1. If your target audience is individuals who are interested in a cruelty-free or a vegan lifestyle, this is the right platform for you.
  2. Your business can still run and at least cover the running costs while everything else is paused during these difficult times.
  3. Commissioning a web design company to build you an online shop starts from around โ‚ฌ2,000 (at least around over 5 years ago that was the minimum price might have increased now). Selling in this shop will cost you much less.
  4. My aim is not to take advantage of your bad situation but rather to help you keep your business running. Slow but at least it’s not dormant and staff can still have a secure job. That is why I decided not to charge any fees such as setup fees or periodical fees, etc.
  5. By selling on the I am only asking for 10% commission on the product sold. This would be 10% on the price of the item before VAT, i.e. from a โ‚ฌ10 product I will get โ‚ฌ0.85 to cover the costs of running this store.

If these benefits got you interested, you can register for a vendor account and start listing your products. Please note that this shop is only for companies who can deliver to the Maltese Islands.

Benefits for Customers

  1. You can find your favourite cruelty-free products or discover new favourite ones, all in one place.
  2. Now that even salons are closed, the option to pamper yourself or maintain your beauty needs is still available.
  3. It’s your chance to help in making Malta a cruelty-free country. Supporting cruelty-free brands rather than a cruel brand that grabs your attention by selling in grocery stores at cheap prices, will strengthen the demand for a cruelty-free Malta.
  4. Helping those in need, usually make us feel good about ourselves. So buying from this eShop will triple this feeling as you won’t be only helping small businesses to stay on their feet but also helping my blog to keep running for an extra few days, and also you can still enjoy your favourite products during this long quarantine.
  5. Since buying is happening online with the click of a button, there is no need to break the social distancing rule. Delivery will be happening in two ways, either through Maltapost like every other parcel received, or the vendor will leave the order behind your door and rings the bell to let you know that the order is waiting behind the door.

If these benefits got you interested, please start browsing the products offered.

For any questions, concerns or support, you will find me on or on my social media accounts listed at the top header of this website.